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If you've never purchased an authentic Scentsy product before, you've been missing out on the most incredible fragrance experience you could imagine. It all begins with a single sniff.

Host a Scentsy Party

Want free Scentsy? Thinking about joining but not sure where to begin? Host a party and you'll earn free and discounted Scentsy product and find out how easy it is to share Scentsy with other people.

Join our Scentsy Team

If you're interested in selling Scentsy and building your own team, you have to start by finding an experienced sponsor who can show you the ropes and provide encouragement, training, and teammates who will cheer you on.

Shop for the best fragrance products on the market

Scentsy Fragrance products offer the very best in fragrance experience. When you smell a Scentsy product, you get the purest experience of fragrance that instantly brings you to a memory or an emotion that can't just be recreated anytime.

Host a Party and Earn Free Scentsy Product

Find out how easy it is to share your love for Scentsy with other people. Host a party and earn free or half priced items. Stack rewards for perpetual host rewards for hosting multiple parties. And if you host Scentsy parties with Scented Family, you'll become one of our VIP group members where you'll get the inside scoop on everything extra we do.

Party Sales

$200 – $349.99
$350 – $499.99
$500 – $999.99

Half-Priced Items*

1 item
2 items
3 items
4 items

Free Product Credit

10% of Sales
10% of Sales
15% of Sales
15% of Sales

*Items over $100 require two Half-Priced Item rewards to redeem.


Join our Scentsy Team

We love Scentsy, but one thing we love even more is to be able to support our friends who want to build amazing Scentsy businesses, too. When you join our team, you'll become part of a community of over a thousand other people who are all working toward the same goals. We will cheer you on, challenge your heart, and do our very best to inspire your soul to become all you can be both in the business but also at home with your family.

If you join during the month of November, you'll be able to purchase the standard starter kit for $99 USD or the enhanced kit for $149 USD. The enhanced kit will include an Awaken diffuser and one Marine Cypress Lavender oil in addition to what is normally in the kit.

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