Are you a former Scentsy Consultant?


Are you a former Scentsy consultant? Would you love to come back for our fall selling season?! We are so excited to welcome you back and would love to help you rebuild your business! This fall is FULL of amazing things like our new catalog, our NEW product- the Fragrance Flower, our NEW Wall Fan Diffuser, our harvest catalog and more! This fall you also have the opportunity to earn a trip to BERMUDA and we want to help!!! You can come back for FREE or come back and purchase a restart kit for $59! This kit includes everything you need to get your business up and running!

Scentsy Fragrance from Scented Family

What's in the kit

  • Classic Curve Warmer

    Gloss Gray

  • Scentsy Bar

    Black Raspberry Vanilla

  • Washer Whiffs

    Amazon Rain

  • Transition Tester Set

    Fall/Winter 2019

  • Fragrance Tester Set

    Spring/Summer 2019

  • Fall/Winter Catalogs

    1 Pack of 25

  • Spring/Summer Catalogs

    1 pack of 25

  • Host/Join Brochures

    1 pack of 25

  • Fall/Winter 2019 Product Lists

    1 pad of 50

  • Consultant Guide

    2019 Edition

  • Product Training Guide

    2019 Edition

  • Order Forms

    1 pack of 100

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