Welcome to Laura's Scentsy Party

We are so excited to share Scentsy with you! Laura is helping us raise funds to bring our missionaries home from Mexico, and this party is a BIG part of that! Thank you for supporting our fundraiser!There are so many ways you shop Scentsy, and I can't wait to share them with you! Below we will share our favorite product, stocking stuffers, Secret Santa gifts and more! If you have questions, my name is Kelly, and you can text me any time at 419-565-4694

We have BIG goals to hit, so for every $50 you spend, we will give you a FREE gift! Thank you for supporting our fundraiser!

Ordering is EASY. You can order directly from her party here: https://kellytenney.Scentsy.us/party/11420217/Laura's Fundraiser , these orders will be placed immediately and shio directly to your home.

Or, you can fill out our custom oder form and we will place your order for you <3 https://kellytenney.Scentsy.us/party/11420217/Laura's Fundraiser

Scentsy Christmas Gifts