10th Annual Scentsy Family Reunion [Recap]


On Tuesday, July 8th, 2014, we traveled to Saint Louis, Missouri to join around 8,000 Independent Consultants for the 10th Annual Scentsy Family Reunion. At this year’s reunion, many consultants earned their trip to St. Louis and their reunion ticket through the fall incentive. We wish you all could have been there with us, so here’s a look at what happened:


As SuperStar Directors in the Scentsy Family, we were invited to attend a special concert featuring Sara Bareillis. The concert was amazing! We never realized how talented she was, but we plan to be listening to more Sara Bareillis.


Our second day in Saint Louis was actually the first official day of the reunion. Registration went smoothly and was way quicker than anything we had experienced in the past. We attended a SuperStar Director meeting that was meant to give us a little heads up on what we should expect during the week. The opening session featured a welcome message from Heidi and Orville which included some product reveals for the new catalog season and ended in a concert featuring Train.

Among the product reveals were a new Breast Cancer Awareness Cause Warmer, a new plug-in sized Mossy Oak Break Up warmer (as well as a full-size in PINK!), and a whole line of Boho Sheik inspired decorative warmers. This new catalog is sure to impress!


On day three, Kara & Collette delivered a Keynote…

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