3 Tips for Survivng Snow Days

Snow days, 2 hour delays, and no work continues… But today, I am going to tell you what I did on the last snow day (only 2 school days ago….) If you are a SAHM mom or if you have to call off work with snow days, you can still find a way to get work done even when the babes are at home, cabin fevered, and bored to tears! With only one day of school last week I tested these theories to see if they would work. When we get our first snow day I am in love. Day 7,000,001, we are all going a bit crazy!

One: Get up, get showered, and get dressed. You naturally feel better about yourself and are more liekly to be prodcutive when you have taken time to get ready and prepare for your day. Last minute hangouts or errands are easier to run if you are ready to do them!

Two: Make a list of three things you need to get done before noon. Once you have accomplished your goal, then spend time with your kids, make a special treat, watch a movie, or have some family time. You will feel better about your day when you have checked some work off your to-do list! You kids will also respond better knowing you have a list of three things to do, if you have older kids, this might be great time to have them do three things too! Making a treat together does the heart some good! On our last snowday we made cinnamon rolls for our neighbors, it made us feel great and gave us the chance to serve!

Three: Invite some friends over! Nothing keeps the kids entertianed better than having their friends over!! Setting a time to invite others over will help your kids get their three things done and you as well! You won’t mind friends coming over becuase your kids will have helped you pick up the hosue, you will be dressed and ready, and the break will make the day more enjoyable.

Since I work at home, my three things are Scentsy related, but if you don’t, then work on three areas of your home. Feeling prepared and productive will help you feel like this snowday was a success!!

Happy Snowday!!!

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