30 days til 30

So today officially marks the countdown to leaving my 20’s.

Being a woman, in the middle of being pregnant with my third child, and on the cusp of my thirties I have spent a lot of time reflecting on all the amazing things that have come my way and lessons I have learned before this great milestone.

I have learned that some friendships exist within a season and to be grateful for that season when it’s over, realizing it is not a great loss but a change in direction. Through great trial and error, I came to the conclusion that we aren’t all designed to be great friends and that in order to have a solid circle it doesn’t mean you spend every waking moment together, you are just present and consistent. I had thought I needed to be a part of every little detail with every person in my life in order to be their friend, but I realized that is exhausting and that right is only reserved for one person, my husband.

I have discovered a great love for building a dream even when I didn’t believe in my core that I was capable of anything close to it. It doesn’t matter how hard the obstacles are that are set in your path, if you are willing to fight like heck to overcome them. I have truly accomplished more in my career before my 30’s than I ever thought I could accomplish in a lifetime. I am so grateful for each day and each step of this journey.

Forgiveness is more freeing for the person giving it than the person receiving it. Often when we have done something wrong we make peace with it in our own heart and work toward moving on. When someone has wronged us, they are working toward that same peace but we don’t always realize we are bound by the same sadness until we forgive them as well. This one seems to take longer of the defensive side. I am thankful for the chance to still be alive to forgive the things that have wounded me and can look at them as character building vs an excuse to be bitter.

Over the last few years I have learned a lot about adding value to my life and those around me and have discovered what I want to instill in my children. I want them to give FREELY! Give their time, their energy, their material things, their love. I want them to share with others because it makes them feel good not because it is an obligation. I want them to LOVE abundantly and to view each person as a great opportunity to share love it. I want them to be polite and to always add a smile when talking to strangers, letting others know that they are more valuable than they realize. I want to teach my kids to LOVE, to GIVE, and to SERVE.

With 30 days until my 30th birthday my kids and I are going to strive to do 30 things of helping others. Strange to blog about it? I love when others challenge me to find ways to serve and give back and my hope is this will encourage others and their children to do the same thing. We are collecting quarters to take to a laundry mat to help others with things we take for granted every day. What are some ways you engage your family in giving?   Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!!!

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