365 days of JOY

If you were to ask us how we felt about the size of our family two years ago, we would have told you it was complete. I am SO thankful we were wrong, I am SO thankful there was more, I am SO thankful there was Kait. When Kaitlynn was born I had no idea what she would bring to our family. From the moment I held her she brought an unbelievable amount of joy. Joy that was so deep in my heart that I didn’t even know it existed and for the last year she has changed my life with her smiles, love, and gratitude for life. We knew she would be special when we named her after Mark’s grandpa, Elvin Gray, and she has certainly lived up to her namesake. She is quiet, kindhearted, and content. I truly cannot imagine my life without Kaitlynn Gray and I believe God gave her to us to show us a level of love we did not know existed.

God has used Kait to make our family stronger, our marriage better, our lives happier, and our heartbreak a little easier. She has brought new life to our family and healing to our hearts. I believe 100% that she was brought into this world as a bridge in our family. One that brings us down a road of great love, great forgiveness, and amazing healing. Her joy has changed us from the inside out. God has a special plan for our Kait.


Today Kati is one. Today she belly laughs, has two top teeth and two bottom teeth, and walks around with the help of others. She says, Momma, dadda, ella, hi, and a lot of other ramblings. She waves hello and goodbye and LOVES when you pick her up even just for a second. She is climbing, clapping, dancing, and her favorite thing is love from her two big sisters (who by the way are hands down the BEST big sisters in the world). Kait has traveled the world! She has been to Athens Greece, Mykonos Island Greece, St. Louis Missouri, Meridian Idaho, Hilton Head South Carolina, and of course to her grammys houses in Mentor and Marietta Ohio. She Love Patty-Cake and the song Ka-Ka-Ka-Ka-Katie…

We celebrate JOY today, we celebrate life today, we celebrate Kait today and the mountains she will move for the rest of her life! She will be a life changer.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Kait

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  1. Reading about your sweet family brings me JOY. I love her name, her smile, all of your girls have THAT smile! That amazing smile that has the ability to bring JOY! What a blessing! You and your family warm my heart and I love seeing just a glimpse of how you, your husband and your amazing babies are making a difference!

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