A Flower for Self Confidence

What speaks self confidence into your heart? Who speaks words of love, affirmation, and confidence into the deepest parts of your soul?  As women, it seems like from the day we are born we need to live up to a certain standard. Obviously at infancy it isn’t terrible, but it doesn’t take long for the world’s measuring standards to begin. I am sure a majority of it is for good reason, but regardless, we either reach that standard or we don’t.  It doesn’t take long to start noticing that we are constantly compared at all ages and stages of life, so what does that do to one’s self?

Over the last week I worked on a training for my team on motivation. One of the key pieces was self-confidence.  Self-confidence plays such a huge role in our life on many different levels. I realized when I am telling my lady friends that they are wonderful, great, and more than capable, that I begin to fight the standards they have failed their whole lives.  I have begun to realize what these standards have done to my friends around me. It has left them feeling worthless, disappointed, and unworthy.

Over the last several years I have built an amazing support system of wonderful women in my life; women from all walks of life and all different stages.  What I failed to realize is what a huge role they were playing in healing my destroyed self-confidence. They spoke words of love, encouragement, and affirmation directly into my heart, right where it needed to be repaired. And I more than gladly returned the favor and have spent my time loving and lifting them up. Today’s challenge is to find the woman or a couple women who have spoke directly into your heart. Who have taken the world’s standards and thrown them out the window, all while speaking great things into your life. Write her a note and let her know what a blessing she has been, and that you value her encourgament.

Often when we are receiving that kind of love, we can forget to say thank you because it isn’t done on a surface level.  It is steady, an action that happens over time, and we don’t always notice it in a moment when it happens. Pick up a bouquet of flowers and share them with someone who has brought beauty into your life. What a small token of appreciation for someone who speaks such love and worthiness into your heart.

Happy Flowering

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