A Flower for the Little Things

You would be surprised how people you aren’t close to effect you greatly.

This past week, my girls and I eagerly ran down the street to see our neighbor who was finally home. Becky lived on the corner a couple houses down and when we moved in, her and my daughters immediately made a connection. She was kind-hearted and loving. Molly and Ella loved to walk down to her house and “entertain” Becky. They would dance, sing, and tell her stories, and Becky LOVED it! She had been gone the last few months visiting her daughter in Cleveland, so it was no surprise that my kids were eager to run down and say hello when we saw her lights on and people on her porch.

My heart sank as I realized there were A LOT of people in her home. A couple I recognized from photos and stories that Becky had shared about her beloved red-headed grandkids. Her son stepped off the porch and introduced himself.  I knew he was waiting for the question. I could tell this was not a happy reunion and I found it hard to find my voice to ask if Becky had come home. My sweet Becky had passed away and her kids and family members were there for her burial. As she weighed heavy on my mind for the next 24 hours I realized I didn’t really know Becky that well. In our year of living there, we had probably talked a dozen times, yet her death impacted my heart so much. Some may say it is because I am a feeler and some may even ask “who doesn’t get emotional about death?” But this feeling was different.

I think we underestimate the impact we have on peoples lives–even if it is on a small level. This has been a rude awakening to my heart. I think about all the people I come into contact with each day, and I see how my attitude, tone of voice, and actions toward them can impact their life forever. And this is not just for me, it is for everyone. Whether we are at the grocery store, on a play-date, or spending time with our spouse, our actions toward others can impact their life forever. Becky didn’t call and chat on the phone, she didn’t make us special meals or have us over for cookies. She just took the time to say hello to my girls and ask how they were doing. She didn’t only impact my heart, she impacted my children as well. Her spirit of genuine care and concern for those around her will live in the hearts of those who knew her forever.

I challenge you today to think about how you impact the lives of people you don’t really know. People you see at work, in your neighborhood, or even people you see at the grocery store. We walk in and out of peoples lives daily. What kind of impact will you have on them?

My flowers today are going to someone who always shares the love and a kind heart to anyone who crosses her path.

Happy flowering!

Question: Who has left a positive impact on you and may not even realize it? Please feel free to leave a comment below!

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