A Flower For Your Soul!

Friday is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week. It isn’t because it leads into a nice relaxing weekend of hanging around the house and catching up on sleep. As a matter of fact, the weekends are our busiest time as a family. We spend most of our Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays serving at our church.Four weeks ago I started a challenge to myself to try to figure out how I could serve others more. I started a book called the Go-Giver and each day that goes by I have new revelations from the book and have been challenged in my personal life to be a Go-Giver.

I was thinking about what is something small that blessed my heart and makes me feel special. I was walking through the grocery store and saw out of the corner of my eye the flower section. Of course, FLOWERS! I adore fresh flowers, and even more the action behind them. I decided I would call it Flower a Friend Friday and I would choose one friend that I thought could use some love that day. I did it the first week on my own and my heart was so excited after I shared some flowers with my friend that I could hardly contain myself! Her response was exactly what I wanted it to be; appreciated, loved, and valued.

The next week I picked up a bouquet and shared it with several directors within my Scentsy family. They were so excited to share some flowers with a friend. It quickly went from my little city in newark to Canada, Iowa, Texas, all the way to Democratic Republic of Congo, and SO many more! I began to think, What if we all took on this small challenge to show others they have value? There is only so much I can do as one person, but what happens when my one becomes, 10, then those ten become 50, then those 50 become 200, and so on! What if one little bouquet could bless 500 people in one day? How much value could we add to the world or our community in one day?

I want to challenge everyone who reads this post to take on the Flower a Friend Friday challenge. I am keeping a running list of people I think can use some flowers, and the list keeps getting longer and longer. My one bouquet has turned into 2 and soon will be three or four! I can promise you it will bless you way more than it will bless anyone else involved!

Please join me in sharing the love, and feel free to share your experience with it!

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