A Great Lesson from a 1st Grade Friendship

true friendsToday my sweet Molly came home from school with a card from her friend. Now, I am a card lover, but I didn’t realize that 1st graders were as well. On the front of the card it said True Friends and on the inside of it there was a note to Molly from a little girl in her class telling Molls how much she loved her. How she was her BEST FRIEND.

and I started to think… what is a best friend?

What can I learn from this little 7 year old friendship and what it means to really value someone? Though they have never spent time together outside of the classroom I can see that the time they spend together has created a bond deep in their hearts. And though they have no concept of what it means to be a best friend as an adult, within the limitations of their sweet little 7 years old hearts, they are as close as it gets to being “in school BFFs”.

Here are a few lessons these little girls taught me:
Speak kindly of those who you value, stand up for them if needed, and speak words of value to one another.
Take time to let someone know you value them
Don’t be afraid to write it out
Follow up your feelings with an action- like sending a card

It’s easy to claim people as friends, but do we really treat them as if they are a true friend? I really believe in the words our family lives by- Kindness Counts. It counts in friendships too!

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