A Note A Day*

It is so easy in todays society to get swept up into the whirling tornado of our day to day lives. It doesn’t sound as glamorous when you throw the words whirling tornado in there.

Somewhere over the last couple decades we have slowly faded out of personal relationships to technology relationships. As people get to know each others lives via Facebook, blogging, and all that computer junk our fulfillment of quality friendships decreases. We have stopped writing thoughtful cards because we can send an e-mail. We have stopped meeting for coffee because we can have a quick phone chat. We have stopped having phone chats because we can text. And the list goes on. And our lives continue to fly by with less and less quality friendships. 

I challenged my team to sit down every morning for the next week and write out one thoughtful card. That is seven blessings for no reason other than touching someones life in a more personal way. You can send the nicest email, but it is not going to be received as well as a hand written card.  A hand written card says you took the time to think about someone AND followed trough with an action that took time. Often we fill up our lives with material things and quickly feel a void after the excitement has worn off. Christmas is a great example of that. We receive all these gifts, and just a few days later feel like we need more. That is because we forget the being fulfilled emotionally is a two part feeling. Receiving a card, a gift, or a thoughtful phone call is always nice, but the joy comes when you pay it forward. The feeling of fulfillment happens when you do something for someone else. 

In our crazy busy lives we want, want, want but forget we need to give, give, give. I challenge you to join my team in writing 7 cards this week. If 10 of us do this, 70 people will be blessed this week. If 100 of us do this 700 people will be blessed this week!!!! happy writing!

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