A Season of Serving

Did someone say it is November already? I just don’t know that it is possible! Well, if you know me I am all about this season so bring on the GOOD food, the GREAT friends, and the COLD weather! I love this season as it forces us inside, helps us to slow down, and allows us to spend time together. I find myself blown away that it really is 52 days until Christmas. It seems like just yesterday that we were not even to 100. Although the cooler temps do help us slow down and usher us into our homes, the Holiday season is anything but relaxing in our home. Between my hubs working at a church (hello Advent season) to Scentsy (Hello sales season!) we are anything but relaxing. As this season prepares to whiz by us I want to stop and think of ways I can take time to serve with my family. Here are my top 8 ideas:

  1. This is a great time to finish raking up those leaves while preparing for the snow to come. Head over to a neighbor’s while you are at it and bag theirs.
  2. Serve at your local food pantry. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and you can only imagine the amount of people who will be coming through the doors in hopes to have a family meal. You can take time to help carry groceries to the car or donate non-perishable items. Both are greatly appreciated!
  3. Collect change over the next 6 weeks and give the jar to a friend. From 5$ to 100$, someone who needs it will be grateful for it. Do your kids get an allowance or collect quarters? Challenge them to put half in this jar. When they see how it blesses that person they will experience the joy of giving from someone that was there.
  4. You know your kids are going to get spoiled from grandparents, friends, and parents, so take a day to go through clothes and toys. Take out the gently used ones (or not used at all) and donate them to a local shelter.
  5. Take a 40% off coupon to Michael’s and get fleece to make blankets. Take them to the local salvation army shelter home. Sometimes I think it is nice to not give from our used pile and to give something new.
  6. Ring the bell at a Salvation Army Stand. Who could resist sharing change with a cute little kid?
  7. Having Thanksgiving dinner? Invite someone over who may not have family around. An elderly neighbor, someone who recently moved in the neighborhood, or a college student from out of town who can’t make it home.
  8. Share the beauty of flowers with someone you are thankful for.

Question: How is your family serving this season?

Happy flowering, friends!

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