A Year in Review

I love the new facebook timeline because I can look at each month and see how things have changed and grown. I thought I would share some of the great things I experienced over the last year. 


  • I can’t believe my baby is 3!!!!
  • I got the privilege to worship with some amazing teens this weekend! I am so thankful to serve with such wonderful teens!
  • I have to say thank you to all of my wonderful hosts this month that qualified me and my family for our trip to Disney!!!! You girls are wonderful!!!!!


  • I did it, I did it, I did it!!! First 4 miles ever!
  • One week ago from today we got the call that James might not make it, today he squeezed the nurses hand when they asked him to! Please keep praying for Jimmy to keep on fighting!
  • Getting LOST with my hubby 🙂
  • I was in the top 56 sellers for the entire company last month! I LOVE SCENTSY!!!
  • Made it spring sprint, drove 25 to 45 miles an hour the whole way!

  • First 5 straight miles ever, holy cow that hurts batman! 🙂
  • I could be catholic with the way I celebrate lent! Spent the day at the church preparing for our ash wedensday celebration! I am excited to welcome my 2nd most favorite time of year!!!
  • I could be catholic with the way I celebrate lent! Spent the day at the church preparing for our ash wedensday celebration! I am excited to welcome my 2nd most favorite time of year!!!
  • In case you have been following, James is doing great!!!!
  • Day 16 of no tv and this is getting harder! I had no idea I watched TV this much!
  • We are breaking away and heading to hocking hills for a few nights! It is fun to make plans unexpectedly! Here is to a few quiet days!
  • So Mark ordered me 1,000 business cards, designed by him. They look GREAT. Except……………………………… HE PUT HIS PHONE NUMBER ON THEM! 🙂
  • Just received an e-mail stating that I will be receiving the yearly sales award! That is 30,000 dollars in sales in 10 months!!! WOOHOOOO!
  • Guess who shot a gun tonight?!? ME!
  • My phenomenal team of 46 did 36,682 dollars in sales in the month of April. Awesome job ladies!
  • I love my new desk!!!!!
  • Just paid off my Jeep! Thank you Scentsy Wickless Candles!!!
  • I can’t believe I got an invite to my TEN year class reunion. Seriously, is this possible?
  • blown away by the cancer survivors at the relay for life event!
  • GEtting ready to enjoy some room service for our fourth and final night! This has been an AMAZING vacation!
  • You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.
  • Walt Disney
  • 7:00 updo! heading to put the dress on! Then the wedding of my best friend in the whole wide world!
  • What a wonderful wedding weekend extravaganza! So happy for my wonderful friends! Now to pack, Scentsy party ties, surgery thurs!
  • Tomorrow I will be Kelly minus a gallbladder!
  • Happy 57th anniversary to my amazing grandparents. Their love for each other and for Christ challenges me every day of my life!
  • Picked out paint for our new house! I am in love!
  • eating eggs for breakfast because i haven’t been able to for 2 years :)!
  • Booking my flight to Texas, I could puke at the thought of flying again!
  • Just finished pulling up the rest of the carpet off the stairs. That was the last section of carpet in the house!!! The hardwood underneath is just beautiful!!!!My phenomenal group of 74 girls (and guys) have sold over 40,000 in sales this month!!! Hello Scentsy


  • molls did great! 5 stitches and an orange popsicle!
  • Happy birthday to my sweet baby Ella! I cannot believe you are two!
  • just got to walk across the Scentsy stage 🙂 directors represent!
  • Just got to walk across the stage for excellence in sales! how cool is that 🙂 my heart is soooo full! 
  • Happy anniversary to my wonderful hubby! You have made the last 6 years wonderful!!! I can’t wait for 6 more!
  • Today my team hit 108! Exactly one year ago we were at 8 🙂 We have grown 100 people in one year! Yeah Ohio Kickin Wicks!!!
  • At my hubby’s ten year reunion… He is SO old!!
  • Someone please tell me how my baby can be starting preschool today?Early birthday present…. A shark steam mop! I love him! ♥
  • just finished picking apples now to the store to get sugar, crust, and brown sugar! yummies to come!
  • I can’t believe it has been four years since my beautiful friend met Jesus face to face. I think of her often and miss her greatly!
  • Real Starbucks and Krispy Kreme doughnuts… LOVE Lexington KY!


  • My team ended with a bang last night!!! 87,942 in sales with 144 people! For real, that rocks!
  •  CONGRATULATIONS!!! On your promotion to STAR DIRECTOR!
  • Sometimes I feel like Wonder Woman!
  • The only public place where the bathroom smells good! Scentsy♥
  • In 24 hours I will be heading to Idaho! SO excited!!!
  • Tonight was amazing! God is SO good!
  • Adding our 5th Director to the group Tabatha Rey!!! So proud of you, Tabs!!
  • My fav line “When fear wants to make itself at home in your heart, know that forgiveness brings wholeness and healing. God knows your need just believe what he said”
  • Got my first Christmas card in the mail today!
  • Just so you know, I have the best life EVER!
  • Wednesday has become my favorite day of the week. My one designated hour of silence and prayer! I encourage everyone do it as well!
  • I cannot imagine how 2012 could ever top this past year!!! So thankful for God’s provision, wonderful friends, and an amazing job! One of my favorite years by far!
  •  So thankful for all the wonderful people God has placed in my life. In a world full of discouragement and negativity I am so thankful for the friends God has placed in my life to build me up an affirm me! Everyone needs reminded they are loved! Loving you all today!
  • This is the fourth Sunday of advent and we remember the holy night when our Savior was born. In a world of chaos, brokenness, and darkness, we celebrate that this Promised One has come.
  •  I LOVE the holidays and the spirit of GIVING!!!! 



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