Believing in Baby Frankie

Lessons Frankie has taught me.

Sweet little baby Frankie is the third born to my once dentist, now my friend. His perfect body born with cancer and at just 7 months he is fighting for his life. Dawn has quit her job and is at the hospital 24/7 hoping that he holds on and finds his strength again. This perfect little boy has taught me so much in just 7 days.

Life is short- love lavishly. I am not one to hold a grudge, but I am also not one who bounces back well. When I walk through trials, broken friendships, and hurt it takes me time to overcome, learn, and grow. The reality is, TIME is a scarcity. Time is the only thing we cannot create, manipulate, and change. Time is here, time is now. Love is something we all have within us it is a gift we can give and with it comes much healing. Forgiveness, grace, mercy, graciousness, hope, promise, future, direction, purpose, and so much more.

Be Gracious. You never know the trials someone is going through. We can see it with sweet baby Frankie, you can see his struggle. What you can’t see is the impact he has on all the people around him. Everyday we interact with broken and hurting people. In our close-nit world we live in each others lives daily but we only go so deep as we run from one commitment to the next. We rarely know what is happening beneath the surface, so give grace and show love with understanding. Understanding that we all live a broken life.

No gift is too small. Gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Blue eyes, brown eyes, little hands, old hands, thoughtful actions, words of praise, breaths of prayers, new life of flowers, the thawing of snow, the promise of spring, the love of physical touch. Our entire life is a gift. Our waking, sleeping breathing, living, is a gift from God.

Frankie has challenged my heart to pray harder, to love without condition, to extend grace to those who are going through things I don’t understand. In his weakness the love is there without condition. From a mother’s love to her son and from a son’s love to his mother.

Please join me in praying for the Baker family. For Frankie’s heart, kidneys, lungs, and for his body. They need emotional, spiritual, and finical support! Please share this blog post, please share this site, please donate to their cause.

We are setting up a fundraiser in Frankie’s name. Yes, we know we can only do so much. If you are ordering scentsy this month please make sure you click Frankie’s name, we feel called to support him spiritually, financially, and emotionally.


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