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Bring Back My Bar

Bring Back My Bar is BACK and it is better than ever!!!! Do you dream of scents you once loved that have been discontinued? Do you hoard your favorite cubes of past scents waiting for the chance they may come back?! Well, this summer Scentsy has brought back TWENTY AMAZING scents and just when we thought it couldn’t get any better they brought back an addition FIVE more! A total of 25 amazing scents available for this month only!!! With Millions of votes I am pretty sure you will have no problem finding SEVERAL you will like!

Twice a year Scentsy does a little special called, Bring Back My Bar! In my head I like to say it like a chat at a football game, Bring Back My Bar, Bring Back My Bar, Bring Back My Bar!!! And when your favorite scent arrives your warmers go WILD and your house smells AMAZING!!!! Kind of like Juicy Peach in this years lineup!  Holy cannoli…. this scent is PERFECT for summer!
—>Juicy Peach

Bring-Back-My-BarYour favorite Bring Back My Bar fragrances!

With So many great scents you could warm a new one each day and still not go through ALL of the fragrances! Do you dream of summer days where you are sitting on the porch enjoying the summer breeze and the smell of Fresh Cut Grass fills the air… You can have that scent all year around! I just popped a cube in my Snail Warmer and my porch smells wonderful!!! Summer has arrived and it smells so good!

So for this month only (JULY 2016) you can choose 25 fragrances brought back for you and chosen by you!!!! Below we will share an easy link to connect you to each scent! Get yours today before they are gone!Shop the Bring Back My Bar Collection

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