Can it be glued?

How much hot air do you think we waste talking about others? As a woman, I can say with confidence, that I LOVE to talk. Sometimes it is important, sometimes it is just to hear my own voice 🙂 We women love to talk about everything and nothing all at the same time. In our ignorance I think often we forget that once our word is spoken we can never take it back. 

As a child and a teen I was made fun of quite a bit for being super high energy. People often told me to take a chill pill, Calm D, or used names like obnoxious, annoying, or hyper. As an adult those words still hurt me at my core. It is amazing how the things you say to or about someone may stick with them forever.

I think about how many things that are said behind closed doors that aren’t meant to be heard. I think of how often those words eventually go around and land on the ears of the person being talked about. Each time we say something negative about someone to ourselves or to someone else we chip away at their self worth. Why is it so important to us today to waste our air and poison others spirits. Think about what would happen if we consciously spoke positive of someone when our feelings are negative. How do you think that will make us feel about that person time after time after time?  I would imagine our irritation and hardneness about that person will start to fade and we would eventually see that they are a person with unique and valid feelings.

I look at so many of the women in my life and I see a broken spirit. I look at myself and I see times in my life where my view about myself was skewed based on what someone said about me.  

It is time we rose to the occasion and challenged ourselves as women to build each other up! There is enough garbage in the world that society tell us we should compare ourselves to. Our self worth and self confidence is damaged by images, reality tv, and all that magazines and television deem as ideal. I guess because they think it is okay to tell us we don’t measure up that we believe it is okay to talk about someone we don’t think measures up. Let’s change the way we view ourselves and start treating each other like sisters instead of enemies. Let’s lift each other up with praise and encouragement and spend our hot air making a positive difference. 

As I see this as a needed change in my own life, I want to challenge you to question your words and put effort into building each other up with words of affirmation. Spend some time this week thinking about wrongs you may need to right, and take some time to build that person up.  Just because it is chipped doesn’t mean it can’t be glued back together. Let’s question our motives when we talk about one another and start mending some hearts! Here is to a week full of gluing! 

Much Love!

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