Celebrating the Holidays Early

The season of giving, blessing others, and gratitude is among us!

I am particularly crazy about the holiday season! I get excited in the fall as we prepare to welcome in all the beauty that Thanksgiving and Christmas bring.  Each year I catch flack for putting my Christmas decorations and lights up “too early”. I hear complaints from others about the how wrong it is to start celebrating early and how we are skipping the Thanksgiving season.

Do you know that we live in a world full of hate, negativity, and bitterness?  Do you know that every time (whether it is on social media or spoken verbally) we say something negative we are just adding to the issues our world is facing today?

If it snows there are  immediate complainants about snow.
Christmas shopping, the lines are too long.
When is the right or acceptable time to decorate and celebrate.

All these things bring in negative thoughts, emotions, or feelings. But the reality is, if you are a person who is complaining and feeling negative, it may be you who is truly missing out on what this season is all about. If you are feeling negative about those who feel joyful in celebrating this season, then perhaps it is your perspective that needs to change. If someone wants to celebrate early we should rejoice in the fact that we are actually celebrating and not focusing on all the depressing things our world is throwing at us.  The Christmas season is beautiful and can teach us so much about love, joy, and peace. If you don’t set the time aside to truly celebrate it you will be the one who misses out.
Take time to enjoy the beauty the little white Christmas lights bring. How their twinkling lights cause a room to feel cozy and quiet. Take advantage of how the early darkness ushers us into our homes to enjoy time with family and others.
Take time to listen to the carols we sing in celebration of the true reason we celebrate Christmas.
Choose to find ways to give back and show others the “spirit” of Christmas.

There are so many wonderful things that this season brings. If you find yourself feeling negative then perhaps you have missed the beauty of this season. Don’t add more negativity into our world of darkness. Rather welcome in the season of celebration and allow yourself to see the beauty in all the things it has to offer.

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