Cold Ovens and Runaway Coffee Pots

Do you ever have a week that nothing seems to go right, or heard the saying “when it rains it pours”?

Well this past month, these saying have been my mantra. It just seems that everything I touch breaks. Last week I had a rough day and decided the perfect cure to a rough day would be a batch of brownies freshly baked. Not just any batch of brownies, I cut open one of my bags of Velata Premium Belgian Chocolate and put them in my brownies (the carmel chocolate kind). I set my timer and ran off to work around the house, I personally enjoy my stress relievers most when my house is clean. When the timer went off I ran downstairs, threw open the door, and got blasted with the wonderful fragrance of nothing!!!! As a matter of fact, the brownies were still pure liquid. Turns out my darling oven decided that it wasn’t going to continue it’s life with us anymore. I was bummed about the oven, but devastated about the brownies!

The next morning, I headed downstairs to do my normal routine–make the coffee. I have to say, thank God for coffee. It is how I function. it wakes me up, it calms me down, it just makes my day right. I ground my favorite coffee beans, added the filtered water, and hit “on”. I then checked my e-mail, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, grabbed my newly favorite creamer (Heath!) and a mug. I sat it down in front of the coffee pot, but it didn’t smell like yummy freshly brewed coffee. No, not at all. Apparently the oven needed a friend to run away with, so he chose my coffee pot.

An oven… who needs an oven??? But a coffee pot!?!? it is like my life line. Now, thankfully the people we bought the house from left an old one and I stored it away in the basement. The old coffee pot saved the day!!! (And works like gem I might add.)

Yes, these are just a small fraction of the things that have broken, quit working, or went bad over the last 4 weeks, but this blog is not about all the negative. And although it has been terribly discouraging for everything to stop working at once, I have to say, there have been a lot of GREAT things that have happened over the last 4 weeks that seem to get overshadowed by the bad. Yesterday, I decided to start keeping track of the things I am thankful for on Thursdays. I want to remind myself of all the good that happens that might get covered up by the couple things that aren’t so great. Today I want to challenge you to be the thing that people are thankful for this week! Do you have a friend that things just haven’t been going right for? Do you know someone who could use a little positive in their day?

I want to challenege you to swing by a local florist and just pick up a small bouquet of flowers. Write them a simple little note and drop it off at their house or their job. We all have the ability to be the thing that brightnes peoples’ days, will you be?

Who will you be flowering today? Share your story of adding value to someone by commenting below.

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