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One of my favorite things about working my own Scentsy business is earning FREE trips. We have had some AMAZING experiences with Scentsy traveling the world. From Disney, to Riviera Maya, to Punta Cana, to Cancun, to Whistler B.C, to Greece, to Vegas, and Disney & Punta Cana again, a Mediterranean  cruise, and Marco Island Florida! Each year Scentsy chooses an AMAZING location to take us to, where they spoil us and treat us like royalty. Honestly, I NEVER want to vacay outside of Scentsy. And SURE, it takes work, that’s the whole point of an incentive, but the reward is building a pay check while working toward a free vacay. I just don’t think it could be more awesome! Want to know more? Here is how you can earn a free trip with scentsy!

Building a business is always wrapped around a few things. Your sales, sponsoring, being consistent, and helping others grow. These things shouldn’t intimidate you, they should make you excited. This is ABSOLUTELY our BEST selling season of the year and AMAZING things are coming out like our Darth Vader Warmer, our Holiday line up and some STELLAR limited edition warmers (our warmer of the months). So if this has intrigued you this far, read on.

Learn how you can earn a free trip with Scentsy right now! All inclusive trip to Bermuda.


Join our team <3 Make your mission to earn this trip and grow your business!
Invite 5 friends to join you- this month for only $15!!!!

Set yourself up with a launch party- and let’s do this!

Earn a free trip with scentsy by following this plan:

1,500 (Sep.)
1,500 (Oct.)
1,500 (Nov.)
1,000 (Dec.)
1,000 (Jan.)

PRV consistency
2,500 POINTS

Sponsor a Certified
1,000 x 4 Consultants

Sponsor a Lead
1,000 POINTS

Sponsor a Star
1,000 POINTS

Personal promote to Lead
1,500 POINTS

Personal promote to Star

Lead paid at rank
100 x 3 months

Star Paid at rank
300 x 3 months

If you think you can’t you can’t, but if you want it bad, TRUST ME YOU CAN! Want more information on how to join scentsy? Just contact us here! 

xoxo- Kelly

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