Eat That Frog | Day 01

Good Morning Friends! I am excited to journey with you over the next 21 days and teach you how to eat your frogs!!! We will be upping our productivity level, getting ourselves organized, and allowing ourselves to have more time on our hands just by following these great suggestions. Chapter one of Eat That Frog! is all about laying the foundation by setting goals. Make sure you spend a little time each day practicing each challenge, and then making them a habit!

Set the Table 

The knowledge of what one wants and the burning desire to achieve it.
Do you know that only 3% of adults have clear goals and achieve 5 to 10 times as much as the remaining 97%?  Follow these steps if you want to feel more productive and successful.

1. Decide Exactly What You Want
The very worst use of your time is to spend a lot of time doing something very well that doesn’t need done.
Be clear about goals.

2. Write It Down
Give it form, allow it to be something you can touch and see daily.  Not writing down your goals makes them only a wish or a dream. It will stay floating around in your head and never have an outcome.

3. Set A Deadline 
By not setting a deadline there is no urgency. Without having a deadline you will most likely procrastinate and not get your goal completed.

4. Make A List of Everything You Need
Make a list of everything you need to do to achieve your goal. Start a running list and add to it daily. The visual will help you to be more productive in achieving your goal in a timely manner.

5. Organize
Make a list and organize it based on priority. Decide what needs to be done now and what can be done later.

6. Take Action
Get to work on your goal immediately. A little action will encourage you everyday in each step toward your success. You will feel good about your progress, therefore you will continue to work hard for it.

7. Work On It A Little Every Day
Work a little on your goal every day. It doesn’t matter how little. Just do it. Call customers, send out cards, or make connections. Read your goals out loud, and look at them daily.

Here are 2 challenges to complete today.

First Challenge:
Write down 10 goals that you want to accomplish this year.
Write them as if you already have accomplished them. Speaking in the present will make you feel like you’ve already accomplished your goal.

For Example:
I earn X amount of dollars a year.
I weigh X amount of pounds.
I drive such and such car.

Second Challenge:
Review your list and choose one goal. Choose the one that will have the greatest impact on your life this year. Write it down separately. Set a deadline. Write out a plan. Sit it where you can see it daily. 

These 7 steps may take time at first, but they will become like clock work. Spend the time doing these steps and not only will you be more efficient, you will be more successful.

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