Eat That Frog | Day 06

The hardest part for me when going through this book is separating my lists from work and home. Since I am a stay at home mom, and I run my business from my home, my tasks lists often are filled with chores, errands, and kids. I feel like my goal in reading this book is to separate myself as a leader and be stronger in my job, so starting today I am going to create two lists. One that is strictly Scentsy, and one that is for my personal life.

Today’s chapter is pretty basic, focusing on the A,B,C,D,E’s. What is more basic than the beginning of the alphabet? The more time you invest in panning and preparing your lists, the more important things you will do, thus the more successful you will be. As usual, start your day with a to-do list. List off everything you need for that day on paper. Then, next to each task, write a letter.

A’s are the most important. These are the tasks that are your biggest, most effective tasks and will bring the most value your work life.

B’s are the things you should do, but should never be done before the A’s

C’s are the things in your day that produce no value. Like going out for lunch or coffee

D’s are the tasks you should delegate. The more you delegate the lower valued tasks the More time you have to complete the higher valued tasks.

E’s are the tasks you can eliminate.

Your goal is to look at your A task and work at it until it is full completed. If you have more than one A, define their importance by labeling them A-1, A-2, A-3, and so on. Your B’s should never come before your A’s.

Sit down with your list and write down which tasks will produce the most value. Start with your A’s and work your way down. By practicing this method, not only are you very productive first thing, but you will eliminate tasks that don’t need to be on there and you will have more free time to spend quality time with the ones you love.

Practice this method everyday, so you can develop the habit of getting the most important things done first.

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