Eat That Frog | Day 10

One Step

A few years ago, I decided I was going to start getting healthy. I wasn’t much of a gym fan, so I decided I would start walking. After a couple weeks of walking, my speed got faster, my distance got longer, and I decided it wouldn’t hurt to jog a little. Over the span of several weeks my jogging turned into running, my distance got longer, and before I knew it I became a runner. I had a desire to do a 5k, but never thought I could go from nothing to three miles, I was not cut out for that kind of stuff. The more I ran, the more I could endure. I bought running shoes, running clothes, and a mile tracker. And with each step I owned my goal. I had a goal, I made a plan, and several months later I ran that 5k and did it in great time.

Sometimes we have a desire to do things, but fear gets in the way and we procrastinate until it falls off of our list. Choose that one thing on your list that is the most daunting, the one you have procrastinated the most. My kitchen has been at a near standstill since we moved in almost a year ago. A few things have gotten checked off the list, due to some amazing friends, but it is certainly not even close to done. When I step in the kitchen all I see is task after task after task.

My challenge for you today would be my challenge for me. Take your ugliest task and work on it little by little. Make a list of all the things you need to do and work on a little bit of it each day. Maybe it is work related and is a report without a deadline. Maybe it is home related like a basement, gutters, or your yard. Maybe it is sitting down and planning out your week. Choose the ugly frog you procrastinate on eating, and make a plan to take one bite a day. Things take time. In order to save, you have to set money aside with each paycheck. There really isn’t a get rich quick scheme.

So make a plan. Eat that frog. And check it off your list for good!

Happy Friday!

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