Eat That Frog | Day 11

Upgrade your Key Skills

Fear of failing often hinders me from stepping up my game and pushing myself to the next level. I know that in order to be the best at what I do, I need to always be working on getting better.  There are times when the fear of failing that step stops me from even trying. There are tasks in my daily routine that would help me be great at what I do, but often I push them to the side out of fear of not doing the job well enough.  I know that if I decided to sit down and face the weak spots head on, I could strengthen them and eventually master them. But that first taste of fear can turn me around 180 degrees and have me heading the opposite direction, and fast! Look at the tasks in your day that are crucial to your job. Are there any you do quickly and not thoroughly because you feel you aren’t good enough to do it well? If you aren’t getting better, then you must be getting worse.

Improving your skills on any level is important to bettering yourself as a human being. Whether it is in your private life or your work life. The better you become at something, the more likely you will be to engage it over and over. I started running 8 weeks ago, and have been thinking about doing it since last August. Fear of not picking up where I left off allowed me to avoid it for 9 months. 8 weeks later I am rockin’ the 3 milers!  I know I will be more apt to hit the pavement now that I have improved my distance and time. But I didn’t start there. I had to push, train, and stay consistent!  Your work skills are the same way. If you have areas that aren’t great, then they need strengthened. Don’t allow your areas of weakness to stop you from being successful.  You can better any area of your professional and personal life if you work on it. You can better budgeting, better physical physique, or better your reading skills. Our brains are designed to learn at any age. If you want to be better, work harder. Spend 30 minutes a day reading or studying the subject you want to be better in. Obviously, I struggle with time management, that is why I am reading “Eat the Frog”. If you want to be better at what you do, list out your key roles and work on them. Give your brain a workout and overcome your fear. In the end, you will be the best that you WANT to be.

Take a few minutes and write out your most important tasks. Look for the ones that need some work and defeat fear head-on by bettering yourself. A little practice each day, consistently, will allow you to be your best.

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh wise Woman!
    This is my romance with swimming. When I’ve not gone to the pool for awhile, I get so intimidated at the thought of it.
    Once I begin, I can’t believe how wonderful it is and how good it makes me feel. I am in awe of my love for it!
    Yet, here I am!
    I haven’t been there all winter. Thanks for the reminder to get it in gear and embrace my love for swimming.
    I love you Kelly!

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