Eat That Frog | Day 12

It’s All About YOU

Today’s chapter is all about YOU! What is it about you that makes you special or unique? What talents or strength do you have that set you apart from those around you? Your talents are unique and yours, and only you have the ability to use them with excellence and make an impact. So what is it that makes you good at what you do? You may be an organizer, an encourager, or a planner. You may have great people skills, excellent communication, or the ability to believe in others. What is responsible for your success today? I am sure there are things you do daily that have a positive effect on those around you. Once you figure out what exactly makes you a cut above the rest, work on making it even more valuable. No one can produce what you do because no one else is you! Take some time to figure out what sets you apart, and work of those key strengths daily!

What are you good at? Once you figure that out, make a plan to maximize on it!

Happy Wednesday!

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