Eat That Frog | Day 14

Setting YOUR Standard High

This morning’s chapter took me by surprise today. As the weekend came to an end, I found myself looking at my life and thinking about how there is so much more I want to accomplish. Over the last two and a half months I have found my heart to feel very quiet and kind of out of the loop. I know it is just a season, but in all reality, I am the only one who can determine the outcome of my success. And quietness won’t cut it. I traced my problem all the way back to ME. When I realized the problem laid within my own heart, I knew that it was time to take action. My business will only work if I work it. My home will only get clean if I clean it. My relationships with others will only exist if I continue to pour my heart into them.

Today is all about YOU! I think over the last two months or so, I have been waiting for someone to come along and motivate me to get back on the wagon. I realized yesterday that no one is coming. It is MY job to motivate me. Tracy shares that only 2% of people can work entirely without supervision. Are you one of them? In order to be a leader you have to put the pressure on yourself. You have to find the motivation to be the best in the core of your heart. As a leader, you have to set the example. When planning your day or your week, set the bar where you want your team or others around you to function. As the leader, don’t be afraid to up your game! Start a little earlier, work a little harder, work more than you are worth. When you set your bar high, work hard for it, and are successful, YOU feel better about YOU! When you work in this manner, your self esteem is through the roof, you believe in yourself, and you walk in confidence. Confidence is attractive and people will want to work like you so they can have what you have in your heart.

The best way to feel this way is to be successful at your to-do list daily. So work on that list as if today is your only day to do that, and repeat that mentality everyday. When there isn’t an urgency to complete your task, you are much more likely to procrastinate. Put the pressure on you to get your frogs eaten. When that list is checked off, you will feel accomplished and successful. You will feel good about you, and others will want to work the same way!

So today, look at your list and set deadlines for each task. Then, each day, work a little harder to get it done a little faster than the day before. Enjoy your evenings with your family instead of having a half-done list hanging over your head hours after work is over. Today is all about YOU so set your standard high!

Happy Monday!!!

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