Even now in death

Most people who went to church today celebrated Palm Sunday. The Sunday that leads into the one of the most recognized weeks in the church. I had this thought yesterday- what if I knew today, that on Friday my life would be taken from me in horrible, brutal, and humiliating way?  What would I do with that knowledge? Now, I don’t know if Christ knew that he was nearing the end of his life, but I imagine that he had some suspicion.  I can’t imagine what would have went through his head. 

If I knew that was going to happen, even if it could change the course of history, I think I would have gone into hiding. I might even have thought about taking my own life in order to spare myself from the gruesome fate that was going to happen. Even if it would save the world, I still don’t think I could do it. 

What if I knew it would happen to my child? No questions asked, I would want to hide her so no one would ever find her. In that moment with no question I would take her place, I would endure whatever I had to in order to save her life. And in that moment I know my mom would step in and say take me instead, then my grandma would step in and say take me instead.   I can’t imagine how God felt when he allowed his son to come to this earth with the sole purpose of laying down his life to save the rest of creation. How could he do that? In a moment of what seems so inhumane it is so selfless. Not only that God sent his son, but that he willingly accepted his fate. No one stepped in to take his place, and I don’t think he expected anyone to. 

In the moments leading up to what has changed the fate of my life, Jesus did ask if there was a possibility to be pardoned of this fate, but in the same breath surrendered it to his father and turned his life over into the hands of monsters.   It blows my mind to think … he laid himself down to HAVE a relationship with me. Jesus accepted his call because he loved me. Not because he wanted to be a martyr . Not because he thought it sounded like a great story in history. But because he loved me. Because he wanted a relationship with me. And not just me, my kids too, and their kids. And my friends and their kids. My grandparents, and my mom. My sisters and my brother. My dad, a man who doesn’t give two cares in the world, and he DIED for him. 

What a sacrifice. What a love. What a love from the father, to give up his everything. What a love from his son to give up his life. This love has changed my life. It gives me a reason to love. What are your reasons to love? Have you been loved this unconditionally? Do you know that THIS love could change your life? It has changed mine. I am grateful for this week, even in death you opened doors for life.THAT my friends is love! 

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