Famous for a Day

Yesterday I ventured down to Kentucky for Scentsy’s Spring Sprint. I had been terribly sick the day before and it seemed that all odds were against me to go. Despite the very few hours of sleep I got, when my alarm clock went of at 6:30 am I sprang out of bed ready to take some of my favorite consultants to SS. I was so excited for them to experience it that I was going to go sick or not! Mind over matter was the trick here! I should have been in bed resting and exhausted from the day before, but instead I was up ready to conquer the drive to SS with some of my FAV girls!!! 
When we got there My heart was so full. There is nothing like being surrounded by people who LOVE what they do with a company that cares solely for the people who work hard for them.  When I registered the sweet woman at the counter said “OH your a NEW SSD!” and I said, “thank you!!! I am!!!!” She jumped up and said she was running to get my sash. I was like WHAT?! A SASH? And sure enough, it was a sweet blue ribbon sash with the words “New SuperStar Director” Across the front. Then she informed that I would be the only one at that location wearing it. MY HEART WAS SO FULL!!!!!!!

As we walked around I did get some weird looks. I sure people thought I was a little vain and assumed I made myself a sash to wear. But my heart was SO full!!!  As the day went on I sat there wondering how in the world my life could look like this. I felt so humbled and so undeserving. People everyday work hard at their jobs and their passions and aren’t appreciated or awarded. As the speakers spoke I was humbled by their journey and their hard work and what courage it took to speak in front of their peers. 
Toward the end coach Lee had all the new directors stand up. My heart was so full for one of my new directors, Julie, who stood proudly!  Then the stars Directors who had promoted. Then Coach Lee said to everyone in the room “There is only one here today who promoted to SSD, would ….. …… stand up” Well, it wasn’t my name, it was the wrong name. Dear joal told me to stand up and corrected my name.  I was so nervous to stand up and overwhelmed by the amount of people in the room. Coach Lee called me and my “Miss America” sash to the front to introduce myself.  It was awesome, humbling, and affirming all at the same time. 
Afterward, People left and right we congratulating me and asking me how I did it.  and here is what I thought…
“Me? Me? How did I do it? I have NO idea. I do not deserve this. My name is Kelly Tenney. I almost failed High School, dropped out of college, and have no degree to say I deserve this. I am crazy, sporadic, and  absent minded. I am a stay at home mom who just wants to help get her family out of debt and support my husbands job at the church. I AM NOTHING. I would not be here without my team who worked SO hard, not me…. I would not be here if God didn’t drop Scentsy into my lap as a gift from a friend. As much as I would love to take credit for being a SSD I am only a small portion. 

I did feel famous for a day, and it is was so humbling to be recognized for hard work.  All I could think was, this is my life. Mine? I have always thought so low of myself, and through Scentsy I have found so much confidence.
I am humbled to be a part of this company! 

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