Featured Friday: Chelsea Hamman

In September 2012, I was in my second year of college at Penn State and newly engaged working a part time job. Being 19 years old, I hadn’t really had any type of sales experience in my life. I had worked at a local deli, Kathy’s Deli, and that is about it. I didn’t know anything about Scentsy at all, I had never even heard of it. I was just a girl who had an obsession with Bath & Body works, and that was not okay with my new fiancé. We needed to save money if we wanted to get married the following year like we had planned. Being a teenager myself, I found myself also obsessed with the show Teen Mom on MTV. I follow all of them on Twitter and many of them talk about how they sell Scentsy. When I looked into this “Scentsy” business a little more, I was hooked. I had never owned anything Scentsy before, or had even seen it before, but I knew right then and there that I wanted to sell it.

I talked to my mom about it, and she supported me with it. She is a Mary Kay consultant and as a young women she had started her Mary Kay business, so it was like I was following in her footsteps in a way. I went onto the Scentsy website and searched for consultants near me, 5 popped up onto my screen. I looked into all of theirs, but none had a story on their personal website expect the very last one, Bethany Watts. So I knew then, that is whom I wanted to sign up under. And thank goodness I did, because I was brought into the best Scentsy family group ever.   I contacted Bethany Watts, the only consultant who had a story, and she explained to me exactly what Scentsy was and filled me in on important information. At that time, I did not really take the business seriously; I just saw it as something fun that would hopefully help me make some extra money instead of spending all of the money at Bath and Body works. I was BLOWN away when my launch party closed at around $1,400 dollars. I never thought, I could do something like that. I was 19 years old and had no clue what I was doing. It was at that point that I knew I loved Scentsy and I had finally found my ‘”thing”. Growing up I never had much self-esteem, and I never felt I was capable of much. Especially something like a direct selling company. I was never one of those girls who knew the right things to say, or when to say it, but with Scentsy, it just came so easily. It was natural. At my launch party, I also got my first recruit. I could not believe it, I was so excited. That November I sold over $6000 in product, had 3 recruits at that point and had promoted to Super Star Consultant. My mind kept being blown and my confidence kept growing. I could not believe that I, Chelsea, was actually doing this.

It was that November that I decided I was going to earn the incentive trip offered from Scentsy that month, and I was going to earn it for two people. Fast forward to January 2013, and I had earned it. In February I learned I had gotten my first pick of my trip, HAWAII! I was ecstatic. I could not believe it. My confidence just kept growing, and I felt like nothing could bring me down! February was a tough month for me however, sales were not where they had been for me, and I felt like maybe the past 6 months had been a dream, and maybe I wasn’t meant to sell Scentsy. Looking back, I want to kick myself, was I crazy? I LOVE Scentsy, it is my passion; it is what keeps me sane! I am meant to sell Scentsy, it is my thing. In February I signed up for Velata, in June I got to go to Hawaii with my best friend and all for free thanks to Scentsy, and in July I signed up for Grace Adele. I also got to go to Scentsy Reunion in July, and meet my idol Kelly Tenney! She is so inspiring to me and I hope one day to be as amazing as her. I know it may sound weird, but in all honesty meeting her was the highlight of my month! I really look up to her and it was amazing to actually meet her since we live in different states.

My launch party for Grace Adele was July 28th, and my wedding was August 10th of this year. My mom told me I was crazy planning a launch party and open house for less than two weeks before the wedding. In all honesty though, it was keeping me sane. The night before my wedding, August 9th, I sorted 4 Scentsy parties totaling $1,300 worth in product, needless to say it was a lot of product and my mom was stressed out at me. I needed to be up at 7am to go set up the wedding site, and here I was 11pm at night, just got home from rehearsal, sorting Scentsy. However she didn’t realize that it was keeping me sane. Luckily I have an awesome at the time fiancé and his one groomsmen who helped me sort it all! Let’s be honest, I probably wasn’t going to be sleeping the night before my wedding anyway, why not sort Scentsy?

Needless to say, Scentsy has changed my live and I have not even been involved in it for a year yet. I earned an all expense paid trip to Hawaii for me and my best friend, I gained so much self confidence in myself, I feel like I found the path I was meant to take in life, and I have met so many amazing friend that I consider family, they are the best and mean the world to me. This fall I am hoping to promote to Director and earn a trip for my husband and I through Scentsy. I now have 12 amazing girls on my team, and will be welcoming two more in September. If you would have asked me last August where I would have been this August, I would have only guessed the married part, not more confident, not going to Hawaii, not gaining amazing friends, and not Scentsy. It amazes me everyday how far I have come in less than a year, and everyday I thank God that I signed up. It has made me who I am today, and I am now proud of that person.

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