Featured Friday: Hope Labutis

My name is Hope Labutis and I am a SuperStar consultant with a team of 20 amazing individuals. I sell both of our Family brands but love, love, love Velata the most.

I started selling Scentsy in August of 2011 to “get a life” because my baby was starting kindergarten. You see, we are homeschoolers. My entire life revolves around lessons, conflict resolution, standardized testing, socialization, co-ops…do you get it yet? I needed some time to break away for myself. I had been using Scentsy for about 2 years prior to this, loved the product, had some successful parties for Kelly Tenney, and decided to take a chance. But, I am not a chance taker by nature. So I had a garage sale to make the $99 for my start up kit. Best investment ever!

The following month, my husband, received notice that his job was being eliminated. Now Scentsy became a necessity for our income, rather than an outlet for my sanity. It was a God-thing when I joined. The timing was perfect. While Mark was off of work, we never paid a bill late. Scentsy and our savvy ways sustained us. That, and a LOT of prayer.

My team continued to grow, Mark got new employment, and we learned just how much we love this company. I attended 2 Spring Sprints to motivate myself. I won the Summer Incentive of $500 of product and used that to expand my business to include Velata.

Then I earned the Pick*Pack*Play trip to Charleston, SC this year. This was the 1st time I ever left my kiddos or traveled anywhere long-distance without Mark. This trip was SUCH a blessing and learning experience for me! I met amazing friends and learned that I can do anything!!!

Attending convention this year was also a huge highlight. Brene Brown was life-changing. Bonding with my downline who attended was so fun. It feels good to be more than a mom, more than the teacher, more than the chauffeur…I have value in this mentoring position. I add value to my team!

As far as Velata, we have had great success with it in the gluten free community. I am gluten intolerant and Velata is reasonably priced, easy to use, and provides those of us with allergies a safe alternative. I am absolutely in LOVE with this product!

All in all, Scentsy came at just the right time for the right reasons to the right family. Mark is now my business partner helping with administration, finding vendor shows, and he rocks at cooking with Velata! My kids label, bag, and help deliver with smiles. Reading testers and sorting is great for phonics & math!!! They are the best Scentsy Assistants ever

I feel so blessed to be a part of this company and our amazing team 10E. I am thankful that Kelly kept asking me to join and I know that this is where we are supposed to be

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