Featured Friday- Jeannette Dixon

My Scentsy Family Journey began April 16th, 2011. I was working as a preschool teacher and had found out that I was going to lose my job because of budget cuts the day my kit arrived. As I opened my kit tears streamed down my face at the idea of loosing my job. I started to wonder as I looked through everything if they were tears of sorrow or tears of peace, because I knew God would provide for me as he always had. Let me rewind and tell you a little about me.

As a young child I lived a very isolated life. I missed a lot of school and had a few select friends but not many. That’s because I was too busy being sick. You name it I had it. Mostly kid stuff, ear infections, strep throat, colds. What would appear to be the usual childhood ailments. However they turned chronic and I seemed to always be on some kind of antibiotic. All of this came to a head when I was 19 years old and became deathly ill with Strep Pneumonia Bacterial Meningitis. To make a very long story short I was given 24 hours to live, was in a coma, taken by life-flight to a major hospital where I spent an extended period of time and where God performed a true miracle. He gave new life to a young girl who shouldn’t be alive today. And here I am sharing the story. Its because I have a purpose.

The road to recovery wasn’t easy, it lasted months and even after that I kept getting sick. Finally when I was 22 years old, I received a diagnosis. I have Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID). It is a genetically determined primary autoimmune deficiency/ disease in which my blood doesn’t produce enough antibodies to fight illnesses. This causes my immune system to fail. It means the simplest common cold could land me in the hospital or possibly take my life. You would never guess to look at me that I have an illness that physically exhausts me, causes daily pain, and ultimately could take my life in the snap of a finger. There is no cure for CVID and is in no way contagious. It however is somewhat treatable. Every month for the rest of my life I will receive Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) treatments. This is a blood product that contains the antibodies I do not produce, given through an IV, at my home, by my home nurse. Thanks to all of you who donate blood, there are people like me that need it on a regular basis and for your giving I am grateful and able to survive.

God has never ceased to do what he felt best for me and as I opened that kit filled with the fear of what I was going to do without my income I became at peace with his plan for me and Scentsy Family.

So I embraced this new plan God had for me. I started with my launch party, began booking parties, meeting with other Scentsy consultants, building bonds close to home and across the country because of this company. At my first spring sprint I was told something I will never forget, “Focus on recruiting. Don’t keep the joy to yourself. Business building and relationship building comes with recruiting.” So I did just that. I began recruiting and helping my frontline to recruit, and helping my downline to recruit and so on. We currently have 40 people (with more to come) on our team, in several states.

I am making money, making friends, building my leaderships skills. But most importantly finding something that allowed me to find value in myself, something that my sickness couldn’t rule. If I didn’t feel well I could work in the comfort of my own home, at my own pace, in my own time. I was finally defining ME. And this ME is pretty awesome. I earned Scentsational Start Level 2 in my first couple months. I earned my first incentive trip to Punta Cana Dominican Republic within my first year.  It was me that walked across stage for the Directors march at reunion this year and me that hit my $30,000 lifetime PRV shortly after. I have goals now and I can accomplish them.

I find inspiration within the people on my team. These wonderful people all have their own story just like me. Some are single moms, some in college, some working on climbing out of financial ruin, others are fighting illness, tragedies, and the depression that comes with the loss of a job or a loved one. Then there are those simply wanting to earn more money, start a savings, go on a free vacation, or begin that college fund for their children.

Because of our businesses, we are each conquering feelings of defeat, brokenness, and worthlessness brought on by the burdens of life. Each of us are rising above and finding value, purpose, and acceptance within our own self discovery.

My motivation now is to pay it forward. To help others find value and purpose in themselves. Scentsy gave me the courage and strength to get out of my comfort zone and be encouraging to others to help them find their worth, their value, their purpose. I desire to give back however I can and I am proud to say that my team does just that.

Today I am back in the classroom and operating my Scentsy Family business well beyond any success I ever imagined I was capable of that April day in 2011 when I signed. I’m married to Joe, the man that helped load me on that life flight helicopter the day I was supposed to die 12 years ago. We have had our hard times but we have learned recently to grow through God, in each other, each day, putting value, worth, and purpose into each other and our marriage as one. I believe our growth through Scentsy is in many ways responsible for that. I’m excited for this life and where we go together and with Scentsy Family.

My Scentsy Senses are alive and well:
I have tasted the value of self worth and have been touched by the life within this business. I have smelled success and have seen goals be reached. I have a vision for where I want to go and I’m ready for it.


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