Featured Friday: Julie Wilcox

I am a mom of 2 wonderful young men, Blake who is currently serving our country with Ohio Army National Guard in Afgainistan and Luke who in a few short weeks will be in 7th grade.  I am a wife to an amazing man, John.  We have been married for 6 ½ years and have been through alot.  He was diagnosed with skin cancer 3 years ago.  Several surgeries and a lot of time unable to work but we got through it.  Also I am a full time 911 dispatcher with my local county sheriff’s office.  And all of that has brought me to the one thing I am proud to say I am, an Independent Scentsy Consultant with Team 10E.

My journey began Sept 20, 2012 the day I signed.  A few days before that my husband & I were walking around a street fair and came across a Scentsy booth.  We picked up some information and a scent sample.  We had been buying Scentsy for a few years prior to this event so we both loved the product.  We were die hard candle users prior to finding Scentsy.  Anyway my husband and I began talking about what it would be like if I joined.  At that time we just figured it may help out with a tank of gas or buy a few extra groceries and would provide more of the product we love to use.  We live paycheck to paycheck as most people do.  So I met with a consultant in my area and asked a few questions.  We decided it would be ok for me to sign and spend the $99 on the kit.  Well as soon as I signed I promoted my website and a former boss who now lives out of state submitted an order.  I hosted my launch party as a basket party because I was working night shift out of town and that was just easier for me.  A former co worker took a basket party and I earned my start up fee back with in my first full month as a consultant.  When I signed my husband was between jobs and he became my shipping & receiving supervisor!  He has been wonderful with helping me check in orders, package orders & promote my business.  I was able to share enough through November that I did not have to take “bill” money to pay for Christmas.  I began sharing more with others and booked a few more parties.  By Feb of 2013 I recruited two ladies and my team grew to 3.  I also attended Spring Sprint with an Amazing group of people and met our fearless leader Kelly Tenney!

My inspiration grew and my motivation was through the roof.  In April 2013 I was at a home party and while entering all the orders for the host who was concerned she wouldn’t have enough to make it worth “my time” we discovered she had reached over $1000 in sales.  Wow!!!  That month my team did amazing and I had my first $2000 month and promoted to Lead.  8 months in and I was promoted I was thrilled with myself and my team.  April sales also allowed me for the first time to give my 12 year old son the best birthday party he said he has ever had.  Now on to summer months I really felt down with my business and I knew these were slow months but I stuck with it.  Silently I was ready to throw in the towel if I didn’t get a few bookings for transition month I was probably just going to give up.  I was down that was for sure.  But low and behold one day while waiting on a customer to pick up an order I decided to walk across the street to talk to my neighbor about Scentsy.  She was thrilled with the information I gave her and she had never used Scentsy before so we came back to my house and I loaned her a couple warmers, scent bars & hand soap.  She booked a party and said she wanted to join.  She has been sharing with everyone and her party should be amazing.  Then that same week one of my recruits sent me a text that she had someone interested in joining and would like to know how to recruit her.  I scheduled a meeting with her & her potential recruit.  I had also sent a facebook message to a friend of my mom’s and she was interested in signing.  She also called and we have launch party scheduled.  Another good customer of mine is struggling financially and when she picked up her order she said she wants to sign so she is working on coming up with the start up fee.
This past week has been an amazing blessing for me and has shown me that it is not time to throw in the towel and that I need to regroup and refocus on what it is that I want to accomplish.

So here it is, I want to grow my business and have a team that can share this wonderful product & company with everyone, I want to live a little better with my family and provide more stability financially and I want to be the best that I can be with this amazing team.  I am now UP and growing and LOVING the road that has been put in front of me with the fork behind me.  I have chosen the path that will allow me to grow in so many different ways that NOTHING will be stopping me anytime soon!  We do still struggle but we are working on it and without the positivity I get from this team and all those involved I would not be where I am today.  Thank you team 10E and Scentsy you truly have blessed me & my family!  And we are looking forward to continuing our journey!

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