Featured Friday- Kim McNeil

My Scentsy story actually started in October of 2011. I was invited to a party by a friend, and had never heard of the product. I already used candles, but, with a History of a house fire in our family, I was rather nervous about it. Scentsy seemed like a perfect solution! I had to work the night of the party, so, I asked for a book. I ordered my first warmer and a brick of Pumpkin Marshmallow and was instantly in love! I decided to host a party and began making plans to have all my friends try out this great new product. As the day of my party approached I began to get RSVP’s that were more “No”s than “Yes”s. I called my consultant and asked if I could do a book party instead? My party was still successful, and, eventually, I realized that $99 to start making money off my own habit was probably a pretty good idea.
I signed to sell in February of 2012 and officially became a consultant for a product I had never been to a home show for :).
I began selling and really enjoyed getting out and meeting new people! My husband and I were about to be “empty nesters” and I enjoyed being busy again (as if being a Nurse and working full time wasn’t busy enough!). 6 months after joining, I brought on my first recruit, my sister in law, my team has now grown to a dozen! Since starting a year and a half ago, we have sent our youngest daughter to College and our eldest has gotten married. Much of these adventures funded by my Scentsy business.

I earned the incentive trip last year and chose to go to New York City. I had an amazing time and I have my sights set on 
the Bahama’s this year! My husband has joined in my business and is my partner now, I cannot believe how amazing this business has been for us both! We will celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary next year and we plan to have Scentsy take us to Atlantis to do it!
My team has been growing and stretching and setting goals and going completely beyond them! Scentsy Family reunion has lit a fire in our team that we would not have gotten anywhere else! WE reached the goal of Director this week, and now, “The Bee’s McKnees” is a reality. I have enjoyed seeing the blessings this company has brought to our entire family, and cannot wait to continue to journey along with them all!

I think what I have learned thus far is this: Never put a cap on your dreams! I remember the first time I met our Super Star Director, the sweet Kelly Tenney, I told her, “I don’t really plan to recruit, I just wanna sell a little.” I had no idea the potential within myself until I was able to see how offering this opportunity to others would be a blessing in their lives. With the Scentsy family offering 3 brands, there is a possibility of success for so many friends, family and those we have yet to meet! I am doing a disservice if I do not offer, and I could be holding back a blessing that God intended for them to partake of 🙂

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