Flowering a Long Lost Friend…

Good morning my favorite friends! Friday is here again, I can hardly believe how fast the days have been flying. The challenge that I have been to sharing, Flowering a Friend, has become an amazing blessing to me and I love seeing it multiply every week. 

Why flowers? Well there are a couple reasons… How often do you get flowers when it isn’t a special occasion? Or how often do you get flowers at all? How often do you get flowers as a gift, or for no reason? There is something to be said for a thought followed with an action. I was thinking of you, so I brought you some flowers. There is nothing like a kind action just because. 

Today I want t challenge you to thinking beyond your normal friends and family. We rob ourselves of blessings when we limit ourselves our little box of friends. My challenge to you today is to share the blessing with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Maybe it is someone you have lost touch with. Maybe it is someone who you had an argument with and stop speaking to. For whatever reason, choose someone that hasn’t been on you radar for a while. Let them know why you value them, or let them know that you missed having them in your life.

When we serve others in selflessness we are blessed so much more. 
Happy Flowering! 

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