Flowering the Perfect?

Do you love what you see when you look in the mirror? Often women grow up looking in the mirror with the desire to change everything about ourselves. We look at magazines, tv, and all the media that surrounds us and compare ourselves  to what we see. We find a huge lacking within ourselves of what seems to be the adequate woman. She is confident, beautiful, skinny, drives the perfect car, works the perfect job. She has a handsome husband, perfect children, she’s a fantastic cook, and has a million friends. Her home is not only gorgeous, but immaculate. She is the President of the PTA, does all of the fundraisers, and never misses a soccer game. She goes to bed perfect and wakes up perfect. Did I mention she’s an author, an entrepreneur, and perfect???

If you are reading this, by line two you were laughing out loud and could think of at least 5 shows on tv where you know this woman. The reality is, she doesn’t exist in real life. She doesn’t always wear makeup, her hair isn’t always done, and her kids certainly don’t always behave. Her marriage isn’t like the Stepford Wives’ and her home did not get snipped out of a magazine. SUPERMOM is not her first name and PERFECTION isn’t her middle name.

Todays Flower a Friend Challenge is for all the women out there, alike. We are hard working, dedicated, and consistent. We are multitaskers, managers, and secretaries. We run our households, classrooms, and commitments out of the greatest love from our hearts. We may not look perfect; as a matter of fact, we may look messy, BUT we are givers of our love, time, and energy. Do you know someone how could use a reminder of her beauty and strength? I challenge you today to find a friend, stranger, or acquaintance, and share the beauty of flowers with them today. Write a note that reminds them that they are beautiful!

Let’s share the beauty today!

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