Here's a need, There's a need, Everywhere…..

Here’s a need, there’s a need, everywhere there is a need. 

We have always been a family that enjoys giving. It’s not to add “jewels to a crown” not for accolades or public displays of gratitude, but simply that it feels good to do it. Over the last year Mark and I have been working very hard to be better with our money, living on a pretty strict budget, and working diligently to get out of debt.  Since then we have cut a lot out of our budget to put money where it really needed to go.  Slowly over the last 9 months my anxiety has increased, I have felt a loss of connection, and my own personal value just doesn’t seem quite good enough.

A few weeks ago Mark and I were going over our budget for the fall and he was telling me a few things he added back in. One thing on the list was Flower a Friend Friday. As soon as he spoke the words he had my full attention. I couldn’t even believe he remembered let alone thought it was valuable enough to put back into the budget. I told him he didn’t have to do that and that I understood what we needed to do to get where we need to be.

And that is when he said this

‘Giving makes you happy. The struggles you are facing and the emotions you have felt have been since we took away your opportunity to give.” 

I realized in that moment that giving was not just about the other person, it was about the wholeness of my heart. You see we can’t be true givers if we aren’t willing receivers, and we can’t be receivers if we aren’t true givers. Whether it is cleaning, flowers, gifting, loving, talking, listening, or just being, giving is a part of us that is designed to MAKE US BETTER!  There is healing and grace in giving. Now I realize it isn’t all about giving of a financial piece, for me I just REALLLLY love flowers and want to share their beauty with people who need some love.

Challenge yourself to give and your kids to give too! There are people every where with a need you just have to look past your own to see theirs. Here are some things we are currently doing that you can give to or start your own!

*Molly and Ella are collecting quarters to help others do laundry at the laundry mat

*We are collecting household supplies to help families who need a break from the larger spending and need to focus on things like buying groceries.  (ie: garbage bags, laundry soap, dish soap, toilet paper, paper towels, etc)

*We are also collecting small gift cards for sunshine gifts, adding a little sunshine to others when things may seem to dark to see.  (5$ to starbucks, movie night tickets, bowling pass, wal mart gift cards, etc)

Find a way to give and see how truly FREEING it feels!!!

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