How To Change Scentsy Wax With NO Mess

There’s one simple thing that people seem to want to know about Scentsy: How to change Scentsy wax without making a mess.

Do the crisp Fall mornings make you want to change out your wax every day!? Me too!!!  I love all the different scents of Fall and I just want to spend the day warming Salted Caramel Cupcake, Crumb Top, Cider Mill, and Pumpkin Roll.  What you might not realize is putting new wax in old wax only makes the scent throw shorter,  giving you less of your favorite fragrance!  Today I am going to quickly walk you through a few different ways to get that old wax out without making a mess.

If you are like me, you leave your warmers on all the time so the wax rarely hardens. Once I turn the warmer off to let is solidify, I get distracted and forget to remove the wax,  by the time I remember to slide it out, well, it is completely hard. Then I turn it back on and forget to get it out before it is totally liquid–frustrating to say the least! So here are a few tricks to get around that so your experience looks like this!


One: If your warmer has been on and your wax is liquid take two cotton balls, sit them in the warmer, let it absorb, and discard cotton balls into the trash can. This is perfect for the warmers without removable lids, plugins, and if you have too much going on in your mind to remember to change the wax. Then take a paper towel and wipe the little bit that is left. You can see that there is none even visible to the eye. Pop in a fresh cube and you are good to go!


Two: Don’t have any cotton balls on hand? Turn your warmer off and let sit for about 13 minutes (use your phone to set a timer to remind you, then take you spatula or your finger and scoop it out. Discard into the trash and wipe clean with a paper towel. Replace with new cubes and you are good to go!


THREE: If your warmer is cold and the wax completely hardened, turn the warmer on, let sit for about 5 minutes, then pull out the wax. The bottom will have just warmed up enough to loosen the wax from the warmer dish.You can then discard one wax wipe clean and pop in a fresh cube or two!


Just some info about our wax: Many people ask what is the difference between our wax and others. Because our wax is a paraffin wax, it is designed to easily be removed from the dish while still holding a fantastic amount of fragrance. You will notice that because we only warm, none of the wax is released into the air for you to breathe in or for your walls to be covered in. There is just as much wax in the warmer after being warmed as there was when you first placed it in.

How do you clean your wax?

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  1. You can also use a butter knife or letter opener to pop out wax that is hardened. I do this with my warmer at work when I don’t have cotton balls handy or time to really clean out the dish. Just pop the tip of the knife under the seal and pop it out. Easy peasy.

  2. Take some yarn or a discarded piece of ribbon and put in the melted wax make sure you leave a tail sticking out. turn off the warmer when the wax hardens you can just pull it out in a solid piece.

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