How to reSTART your Scentsy Business

Are you an old consultant turned NEW again?! Well welcome back to a Scentsy! We are so glad you are giving it another try and we want to help you restart STRONG ??! In this post, we will share with you how to reSTART your Scentsy Business.

You’ve started back up, but your old kit is gone, out of date, or used up. No worries- you can get a NEW? restart kit for $59! It includes everything you need to begin again. It can be purchased through your orders tab. You can place it as an individual order OR you can add it to a party! Your restart kit must be placed the month you come back. 

Not much has changed, except EVERYTHING! Get familiar with what is now available, there is so much new product! Check out our product guide to catch you up on everything you need to know. With every season and catalog, new products are brought on board, so make sure you are catching up on them. (Shipping tiers have also changed! You can check out that information on your workstation ❤️)

This is a restart for a reason. Don’t let the reasons you quit stop you from growing ? this time. This time it’s different. 
Here are 5 things we have identified that will help you reSTART your business! 

Start a VIP page or a customer page. Invite all your friends and family and past customers to be a part of it. Share the new product, go live, get them excited! You are the face of your business, so it’s important that you get out in front of people. If you were a store front, you wouldn’t leave your closed sign up while you were open. The only way for people to see and know your business is through you and how you interact with it. 

Plan an open house/ relaunch party. You can do this online, but if you want people to love Scentsy, they need to smell it! Plan an open house/ party the week after you rejoin scentsy. DO. NOT. WAIT.  The quicker you engage, the quicker your business picks back up!  Invite as many people as you can PERSONALLY and collect orders outside of your launch party. Set a goal- go for $500 PRV! Trust me- you can and should do this!

Remake your list of 100. That means you write down all your friends, all your family, all your past customers. When you are done with your list, highlight them with this code.

❤️Red is for the people who might buy from you. These are people your are friends with, who support you, but it might take them time before they get on board with Scentsy. These are the people you will share samples with and maybe lend them a warmer.

?Yellow are the names of people who you think will host a party for you. Before you highlight choose wisely. Choose people who work with a lot of people. Choose people who support you and will be excited to share your business. Choose people who love fragrance/ candles/ Scentsy. 

?Green is for the people you know love Scentsy! They will come to your launch, they will share your love for Scentsy, they will be your customers and your sellers! They will support your business in a pinch and will love the product. 

After your list is up and ready to go, start contacting your peeps. Ask them if they would just help you get a restart and invite them to your fall open house! 

Decide what you want. Do you want Christmas money, do you want vacation money? Are you looking to make money for bills, kids dance lessons, baseball, etc. It’s your business, you decide!! Once you decide what you are working for, then you know how much you need to work a month. For example: 

You want to pay for your child’s dance that is $100 a month.  That means you need $400 in orders each month. So your goal is to book a party and follow up with customers. Give your paycheck a purpose. It will help you decide what you need to do a month to get out of Scentsy what you need. 

Collect $200 in orders NOW. Don’t wait. And don’t stop until you do. Why $200 immediately?? Because $200 is the minimum party level (this level does have 5% Shipping). With all the new stuff, you need to try it! Collecting $200 in orders will get you $20 in free product, and 2 half priced items. Things I would suggest you get with your rewards to try:

Scentsy Soak ($12) 

Fragrance Flower ($16)

Wall Fan Diffuser ($25) and twin pods ($10)

Pet Line ($10-$15)

Body Mist (fragrance mist) ($9)

Car Clips- 2 pack ($9)

Bathroom Cleaner ($8) 

We are thrilled you are back, and you came back for a reason. So don’t wait, start working on your business a little each day and you will see AMAZING results this fall! ❤️-Kelly10e

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