I am right and you are WRONG

It is so easy to give our opinions on what we think people should change.  To criticize someone’s words, actions, or even thoughts. Often we like to voice our opinions when we feel we know more than someone or have the better answer.  In the end, people WILL have different opinions. It is how we receive their opinion that matters. 

I see on facebook, hear in conversations, and see on tv all the time people validating  their opinion by putting someone else’s down. It is no surprise to me that we live in a society that has low self esteem and no self confidence.  My heart has been challenged by this very thing in my own life. Of course I am going to feel different than others on certain subjects, or even all subjects. From what color looks good in a living room, what outfits should not be considered fashionable, and what music is tasteful. To who should or should not be president, what cars are safe, or how to raise your kids. We all live our lives based on what we think is in the best interest for our own hearts and families.

 As a Christ follower, I have this deep desire to change my way of thinking. Leading by a good example and not leading by what I think others should be doing. Leading from love and not with the intention to be loved. Leading in humbleness not with the expectation of others praises. Everywhere I am  I hear people complaining about something (myself included). Complaining about people. Complaining about life. Well what if we praised the things going right? What if we wrote cards to people just for the heck of it, not just when their world falls apart. What if we gave lavish praise and affirmation when someone works hard, not just when they do something right. What if we were quick to praise and slow to criticize. Or quick to listen and slow to give an opinion.  Easier said than done, I know.  These are all things I need to work on persaonlly. But what if we all did. What if for one week we worked on building eachother up, instead of tearing each other down with our opinions. 

Join me this week in spending time loving on others and less time loving ourselves.  

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