I can have my cake and eat it too!

In this business you can have tons of people in your downline and still not be meeting goals and dreams that you want to see happen in your career. This happens when you recruit for quantity verses quality. I happen to have  been served my cake and I can eat it too! My team has not only grown 186 people in ONE year, but it has grow 186 friends! I have been blessed to have a wonderful support system within my business who want to see me be successful as much as they want to be successful and vice versa.  It has been so amazing to watch God use an at home business to grow me as a leader, as a friend, and as mom.

There is something about Scentsy… I am not really sure what it is. Generosity? Authenticity? Simplicity? Yes, those things do come to mind when I see how successful Scentsy has been for me, and how it has been for my recruits. The product is top of the line, innovative, and consumable. One thing I know when comparing Scentsy to other companies with the same concept is this company is one of a kind. It is ahead of it’s game and it is a huge blessing! not often in life can you have your cake and eat it too, but in this case, I CAN!

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