Increase Your Paycheck

You started your Scentsy business! You’ve shared, posted,  told your friends- now what?! A good place to start is to work for your paycheck! Decide what you need Scentsy for (dance classes, car payments, vacation money) and work for it! Here are some ways to increase your PAYCHECK and build that business!

• Grow your team. This is one of the best months to grow your team, which will increase your paycheck as your business grows. For this month only your customers and hosts can join for $15. If you are NEW this is your JAM! Invite and ask everyone to join your team this month! This means big points for the trip and a solid foundation for your business!

• Book ONE party. If you struggle with what to focus on and the month passes you by quickly, focus on booking one party for the month of September. And don’t just book one, book the BEST one! Make some goals for your party. You want it to be $500• You want at least 8 guests• You want orders outside from the party• You want your host to be excited about what they will get for FREE• You want to be in communication with them the whole time. If you make these your goals- you will have $500 PRV and 8 new customers. DO NOT SETTLE.

• Subscribe to Scent and Warmer of the Month. This comes out of your bank account and shipped the 15th of every month. (you can subscribe and cancel in the accounts tab on your workstation.) Not only do you get a discount, but you also get paid on it. If spending money on Scent and Warmer of the Month is an issue- share the product in your VIP page and see if you can sell it before you buy it. Sell your bars and Warmer, and make all your money back while increasing your PRV.

• For every $200 you collect in orders you grow your paycheck by a minimum of $50 (as a certified + consultant).

So break this down:
-Make it a goal to sell a 6 pack of wax each day. This will add 600 to your PRV. Thats $150 in your pocket for collecting $30 in product a day.
-Sell 8 wall fan diffusers (HELLO TEACHERS!) Just 8 wall fan diffusers will add 200 PRV to your month and that is $50 in pay!). Not to mention when you collect orders, you get the rewards!
-Sell 13 Fragrance Flowers! These BEAUTIES are PERFECT for small spaces that have you just don’t want wax! Hello bathrooms! Set it as a goal and don’t stop until you achieve it!

It is as simple as breaking down your goals into small pieces! Pick a product, share it, love it, and sell it!

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