Introducing Jacquelyn Johnson

I believe that my job actually changes lives.

When I started over two years ago, I didn’t EVER imagine my life looking the way it does. I am grateful for the things that have come my way, but the longer I am with Scentsy Family Brands the more I see how my business impacts the lives of those around me. A little over a year ago, my Scentsy path crossed with an acquaintance and former sales consultant, Jacquelyn Johnson. When she expressed interest in Scentsy I knew I wanted her to join my team. Even though she had no clue what the product was, I knew in my heart that it could change the life of this stay-at-home-mom.  She is a fun loving, phenomenal hostess, who I knew would be a fantastic addition. When we reconnected, I realized her heart was being challenged by the circumstances in her life and I wanted despreatley to help her see her value and worth. I want to share a little of her story with you.

“When I scheduled my first Scentsy home party – I didn’t have a clue…

I didn’t know what Scentsy was.  I didn’t know how transforming Scentsy would be to the group I’d invited over.  I didn’t know that I’d like the products SO much.  And I certainly didn’t know that I’d sign on as a consultant with Scentsy.  You could say that I was truly clueless.

At my first party (back in my clueless days) I invited over a group of women, old friends, new friends, neighbors from our former neighborhood and neighbors from our new neighborhood…heck – I even invited one of my favorite Starbuck’s Baristas!  The interesting thing about my group was that they only had one thing in common…me.

Then the magic happened.  The party started – the Scentsy scents were neatly arranged on my dining room table and as the ladies circled the table and unscrewed the caps on the sample scents – the room was transformed in to “ooooohhhhhssss and ahhhhhssss” and chatter and giggles and conversation.  “Smell this one!” was followed by – “I don’t care for this one but give me that one over there…yeah, that’s more my style”.  The magic of Scentsy transformed the group into laughter and conversation like that of old friends.  For weeks following the party I had compliments on how much fun it was.  And when I was approached by 6 of my guests on different occasions to have another party…well – I knew it was something I wanted to be involved in.”

Last night I had the pleasure of sitting around that same table listening to her and her team talk about this amazing company. I listened as tears welled up in her eyes and her voice became quiet, as she shared how this opportunity has changed her life–how her heart was being held captive by depression and how starting her own business pulled her out of her shell and gave her new confidence. I listened to the other women around the table talk about how they look up to Jacquelyn and what an amazing blessing she has been in their lives. Since starting her journey, she has earned awards, bonuses, AND most importantly she has found value in herself! She earned a trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican this past June, and is planning on taking her team on the next incentive trip! I cannot begin to share how impressed and proud I am of her and her story.

Who ever would have thought that wax and warmers would change lives? The Scentsy Family’s spirit of Generosity, Authenticity, and Simplicity is changing the lives of people around me daily. From helping stay at home moms stay at home, to helping those in financial need get ahead on their bills, it is showing women they can bring value into to their homes, their friends lives, and into their own heart.  I love sharing this amazing company with the people in my life! What a blessing it is to stay at home and still have the chance to impact the lives of those around me!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. both of you ladies are Rockstars! i feel so blessed to have you both in my life now! scentsy really does open doors and change lives!

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