Jet Set Go

Jet Set Go and take me somewhere TROPICAL!

Do you ever find yourself craving the days of summer? Often when the coldest of winter comes I find myself wanting the scent of summer to cover my home and take me away to a beautiful beach where the sun is hot and the hours are endless! A few seasons ago Scentsy decided to discontinue one of my FAVORITE fragrances, Jet Set Go. This scent is seriously summer HEAVEN!

Jet off to a balmy tropical paradise of Brazilian orange, jungle papaya, and island vanilla.

Now that the big kids are in school summer means no routine, bonfires, trips to the pool, relaxing in the sun and family time. Though we may be in our own back yard this scent whisks you away to a caribbean island and reminds me of so many different scents I LOVE of summer.

This scent is ONLY available through July 2016 and I promise you do NOT want to miss it’s amazing  aroma, get yours before it is gone! Get yours HERE
When the scent was discontinued they decided to keep the laundry side of Jet Set Go, and you will be happy to find that it is in the closeout section of our PWS and it is on sale! Make your home smell amazing with the wax and make your clothes smell even better!!!  The small container is what is available but I promise you will thank me! TIP I love to wash our swimsuits and towels in it!!! A day at the pool or beach has never smelled SO great! You can grab yours here, but know they are almost gone and once they are gone, they are gone for good! Get your Washer Whiffs HERE

There are currently 25 Bring Back My Bars available for the month of July of 2016. Keep checking back for more info on each amazing bar!



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