Join Scentsy for $15 this May!

Have you wanted to start your own side business but don’t quite know where to start?! For the month of May we are SUPER excited to share with you that YOU can join for just  $15! Everything you could need comes in our Anniversary Kit. Join today and you will
  • Alabaster Mini Warmer.
  • Pink Cotton Scentsy Bar.
  • 15 Fragrance Testers.
  • 15 catalogs.
  • Three months of the Scentsy Personal Website (PWS) FREE.
  • Quick Start Guide.
  • Three packs of new release Scented Stickers.
  • Downloadable Consultant Guide and Product Training Guide.
  • Printable order forms and other digital tools.
    Our Scentsy business has changed our lives and it could change yours too! When we joined Scentsy 9 years ago, we had NO idea how it would change our life. Little by little, we have had some INCREDIBLE experiences with our business. We have traveled all over the US, Dominican Republic and Europe with our business! Scentsy not only offers the opportunity to make money, but with our incentives, you can earn trips all over the world. There isn’t a better time to join and the risk is so low you are guaranteed to LOVE your chances!

    Join our team today and you will be welcomed into a culture that is uplifting and exciting. Scentsy offers TOP training and incentives to get you moving in your first 70 days! We also are in the middle of our Spring Incentive (ear gift cards and even trips!!!) and it isn’t too late to work toward these awesome awards.

    We know that life can be busy, heck it sure is for us. But we also know that most people need an extra $300 a month to make it through the dips. You can do this so easily with Scentsy if you just jump in and go for it!

    Ready to take that leap?! Just head over to and join us for $15 this month! 

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