Keep Love a Secret

What is love?

Is it a thought? Is it a word? An action? A feeling? A lifestyle?  

Love is one of my favorite words to use. If you know me at all, you know that I am passionate about a whole lot of things.  When I come across something that I find myself liking, it doesn’t take long before I engage in it until it becomes my FAV! When I find a song I really like, I listen to it until I can sing every word and every part. (I had the same CD in my car for over a year). When I find a movie I like, I watch it until I can quote every line, and usually use those lines in my daily vocabulary. I am not very good at grey areas, I either really LOVE something or I don’t.

I feel like the word “Love” isn’t used enough. Why hold back in our ability to share love with those around us? I would think that when people hold back they are usually afraid that the feeling will not reciprocated. Fear of being rejected, not having needs met, and fear of the feeling not being returned  can make us stingy in our ability to love as an action and love with our words.

I hear all the time love is a word that is overused. My reaction is, look around! Does it look like we love enough?  In light of all that has happened in the last week, though the events were terrible, I felt challenged to love more.  With the loss of those innocent lives, I have been challenged to love more. With my words, my attitude, and my actions. We forget that life is not promised to us or to those around us. I always thought the saying “live like today is your last” was kind of lame But the reality is today may be someones last, how did you make them feel valued? I listened to an interview of one of the mothers from Sandy Hook. She was talking about how the morning after she lost her daughter, she saw the spot on the window where she had drawn a peace sign with her name and her moms name and hearts. Something small, but full of love.

Have we forgotten how to love? If today was your last, what would tomorrow look like? Would it be full of hearts and peace signs? Don’t be afraid today to love those around you. It is a gift you have been given that is meant to be shared with the world.

What is one way you can Love more today?

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