My Out-of-my-League Husband

My husband often tells me silly things like I am out of his league.  This morning as I was lamenting over my pregnancy swelling he went on and on to build me up. He often spends a lot of his words building me up and telling me how valuable I am. Lucky girl, I know!!!  I sat down to work after he left, prepping for a busy work morning, my heart overflowing with things I wanted to blog about.  All I can think about is the little conversation we had this morning over breakfast.

I realize how valuable it is to equally value one another. You see, I spend most of my time feeling like he is too good for me or out of my league. Not because I want to seek adoration, compliments, or words of praise, but because I genuinely feel unbelievably grateful for him.  He works hard at guarding his heart, spends his non-working hours finding ways to serve me, and fills my mind with never ending words of affirmation.  His love for me so precious that it seems too good to be true or not fair to have all to myself.

When I stop and think about what makes us work it all makes sense. Neither one of us value ourselves more than we value each other. The same goes for our time, or jobs, our individual  income, or our talents. We both find the others time, jobs, and talents invaluable. When I think about my day I spend time thinking of ways I can make him feel valuable and he does the same for me.

I was talking to a friend last night about value. I was telling her how if you want something to be better you have to add value to it. If you want to be better you have to become more valuable than a price. Your time, words, attention, intentions, thoughts, and actions, have to be done out of selflessness to others. I was telling her there are two people in my life who help me function at a level that I cannot put a price on. I realize this morning that my husbands words, actions, and service to me, are just that. A level of value that cannot be bought. It is so valuable to me and my life that in return all I will ever want to do is walk in service with him as we set an example to our kids and all the other kids around us what love looks like. Ours is certainly not perfect but it is absolutely perfect for us.

I am thankful for my out-of-my-league husband and his heart that blesses me immeasurably!

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