Lessons from the Brokenness

shattered mirrowI shared this thought earlier this week to my team and feel it is more than valuable to share on a larger platform.

In writing a blog last week, I found that the brokenness  that defines me carries even more weight than I originally knew.

Each of one us are made up of different stories, brokenness, and background. Our society thrives on being in everyone’s business and making opinions about it.  We may think more of it as an eTV thing and People Magazine thing, but on a local and more relatable level, we have Facebook, Instagram, and blogging. We are taught to share our thoughts and with that we are taught to judge and form personal opinions of others’ thoughts. This can be SO draining personally and often causes us to feel inadequate. We are constantly taught to compare our lives to everyone around us and form opinions on every thought someone may have.

What I encouraged my team to focus on is that we are each a person, each with a story. Some fighting cancer, some losing children, some fighting for their marriage, some with no self-worth, and some who were broken as a child. Each of these stories cause us to live life a little differently, act a little differently, and respond a little differently.  Our brokenness on any level shapes how we act and react, and as the pieces begin to heal they help us to live our life BETTER.  Not everyone is growing in their brokenness. Their brokenness may be too fresh or still cut too deep. We need to remember, not everyone’s shattered pieces are glittering in a pile on the floor, some are still a jagged shattered mess hanging in a window.

Glittering or jagged, here is the reality:

Tomorrow is a NEW day! We get a chance to make our life better. We get a chance to make others’ lives better. The person you connect with today may be broken, so when you talk to them, talk to them with care. I want to live my life like there is more tomorrow! I want to live with a purpose and sometimes my own brokenness is what gives me that purpose.

My brokenness makes me want to love more.
My brokenness makes me want to be more gracious.
My brokenness makes me want to love my kids more.
My brokenness is what makes me REAL.

It isn’t about what broke you, it’s about what you do with the pieces.

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