My Life of 2 Hour Delays

Today started like any “normal” day. It is Tuesday, but Monday because we had no school again yesterday. It’s 6 am and I am awake and drinking coffee in bed.  The first call comes in, 2 hour delay. Working from home is GREAT and I love being able to work my own hours, but the reality is I do work from home. 2 hour delays throw off everything.  On  a normal day Mark takes Molly to school, comes back home, eats, takes Ella to school and is to work by 9:00. Then the day continues, Ella extends at preschool, pick up is 2:30. Molly’s pick up is 3:30. A very broken day but Mark works with me so Kait can actually take a nap.
Not easy, but doable.
 But 2 hour delays…. 
Mark heads to work, of course Kait falls asleep, Mark comes home and takes Molly to school, but of course Kait is still sleeping, Mark takes Ella to school, but due to the 2 hour delay there is no extended day, so ella only goes for 2 1/2 hours. I pick up Ella at 1:30 and hope Kait doesn’t need to lay down between then and 3:30… because you know Molly has to be picked up as well. Of course she gets cranky and needs to lay down, and yet again Mr. T has to save the day or we will all pay by 5.  A day of playing catch up and trying to remember all the new times of pick up and drop off within the “routine” of our normal day.

And the phone rings, school is cancelled. Of course it is always on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, the days we pay to extend Ella so I can actually get work done. And so we begin another day trying to entertain long enough for me to sit at my computer and get work done.

The day is full of:
I’m bored
Can we go outside? (it’s like negative 100 degrees)
Can I have a friend over?
Can you get off the phone?
Are we going anywhere?
I’m hungry
Can I have a snack?
And there my work sits… lonely and un-engaged. Oh how these 2 hour delay/ snow days slay me.

I think I have to come to the understanding that routine and consistency will never happen. My routine and schedule need to become flexible because before I know it there will be another 4 day weekend, 2 hour delay, snow day, late arrival, a holiday, spring break, and summer break. So today I am warming my FAV Spiced Grapefruit and getting my head in the game because I believe we have to act the way we want to feel, and I am going to come up with a plan B for days like today.spiced

What is your plan B? How do you become okay with a non-routine lifestyle?My plan today… To come up with a routine for non-routine days

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