The LOVE of My Life

This week was my husbands 31st birthday and as I spent time thinking of why I was thankful for him I decided to put it into a list of 31 reasons. I happened to be married to a man who is more than selfless and loves me unconditionally. As a kid who grew up struggling to fit in, desperate for friends, and hating my quirks. I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would find someone to spend my life with who loved me for me.   It took me years to realize that he genuinely loved all of me, not just made up kelly, skinny kelly, and toned down kelly. He loves hyper kelly, non stop talking kelly, pregnant and post partum kelly. He loves me when I am anxious, angry, and crazy.  I am thankful for him today and here are some of  reasons why:


1. You are always willing to help anyone who asks, so strings attached.
2. You have your grandfathers laugh
3. Though shorter than me standing you are appear taller than me when we are sitting.
4. You produce gorgeous little girls.
5. You fill the top shelf of the fridge with things I love!
6. You have me in your phone as my lady
7. You are all about being a business partner and add so much value to my team.
8. You tell TERRIBLE jokes that involve a box of cereal
9. Though you do not follow my rules on flowers 4 specific dates a year, you DO keep me fully stocked on diet coke.
10. You may have your dream job but you always want to learn more and be better than you are.

11. You are the most loyal person I have ever met. No matter your commitment, you always see it through.
12. Though you hate your receding hair line, I think it is pretty hot!
13. You are steady. In everything your heart, actions, reactions, love, is steady. One of my favorite things about you.
14.You read to our girls (I HATE to read… )and you do it with character voices too!
15. You let me sleep in the middle of the bed and sometimes diagonally!
16. You LOVE to run errands. In the middle of the day or in the middle of the night! You never complain about it and often bring me a treat!
17. When Christmas comes around you buy multiple boxes of my favorite hostess Christmas trees.
18. Speaking of Christmas, you never complain that i decorate 4 months early 🙂
19. Your heart is sound. It is solely for me and I believe in my heart you would never jeopardize my love, trust, and emotional protection.

20. You are eager to come home to your family. You don’t need a break, we are your break!
21. Though this would be silly to others, you respect my thoughts on movies and take time to read the review on every one before we watch it.
22. You accept that the only way we are going to go to a movie theater is to see the newest Disney movie!
23. There has never been anyone (outside of my mom) who loves me for all of me. My hyperness, craziness, and non stop talking. You have never made me feel like I am anything short of wonderful.
24. I love and appreciate your work ethic and am constantly amazed by your ability to learn. I have never met anyone so willing to learn how to fix anything and everything.
25. I love that you let me buy your clothes
26. You appreciate me in any stage of my day. Whether I am working, cleaning, doing lawn work, playing with the kids, or resting. You are quick to appreciate and praise.
27. Without you I wouldn’t know the joys of Evernote. Best. Thing. Ever.
28. Your personality has challenged me to slow down and value quality time.
29. You give the best back rubs nightly!
30. You support my addiction to bath bombs and keep my apothecary jar full
31. You are everything I ever wanted. Everything I ever prayed for. You love me better than I could have ever asked for. You are loyal, patient, loving, uplifting, and selfless. These might be 31 reasons I love you but I am certain I could come up with a million.


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