Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

Do you ever get so excited to try a new scent you just pop out the old wax and throw a new cube in? Or maybe you do something even worse and since that old wax doesn’t smell anymore you just throw a new cube in with the old wax? Well, if you are like me, you get a little excited (or a little lazy<—– so me) and you don’t clean your dish after fragrance change. Today I am going to share with you the importance of cleaning that cute little dish.

  1. The fragrance will last longer
  2. The fragrance will warm stronger
  3. Your dish will stain less and will be easier to clean over periods of time

So your first step is to turn on all your warmers, wait 3 minutes, and slide the old wax out.


Your next step is to fill your sink with hot DAWN dish soaped water
After that place your trays in the sink and let them sit for a while. (Dawn dish soap is a miracle worker with a little time!)

wax 2

Then scrub those dishes down real good and dry!


You can then return you super cute little dish to your warmer and place a new yummy fragrance in! Today we are warming Pumpkin Roll.



Happy Warming!

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